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I am Nicolas Zanotti and I love creating awesome tech products.

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Discussion on Anarchy Accelerometer Podcast

I had the joy to sit with Dr. Matthew Mirman to talk about Artificial Intelligence and entrepreneurship.

Interview on Tele D

This is an interview by Natalie Williams from Tele D held in Swiss German.



The Showzone app is an easy way for presenters to extend the attention span of their audience to get their message across. I am a co-founder of Showzone and have been building the software product since spring 2022.

Showzone App website

Gravis Robotics

Gravis build autonomous heavy machinery for construction. I am contributing part-time as a product lead in the company's Interface team.

Gravis Robotics website

The Port

This non-profit association organizes a community of innovators to work on humanitarian solutions. There are currently over 50 humanitarian projects geared towards reaching the UN’s sustainable development goals. Each year, THE Port organizes a humanitarian hackathon at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, where the newest solutions are presented. I am a member of the organizing team, where I care for the technical aspects necessary to run the community.

THE Port website

Remotely Green

The Remotely Green association is aiming to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the need to travel for events. Members of the association are working on products that calculate and present potential carbon usage, such as an open-source API and dashboard. Along with my fellow members of the association, I am contributing to these tech products.

Remotely Green on GitHub

WintiSpeakers Club

WintiSpeakers is a club where members gather to practice and improve their public speaking and leadership skills. Thanks to being run in English, the club enjoys participants from many different cultures. I participate bi-weekly in club meetings and help set up special events.

WintiSpeakers website


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Call me Nicolas. I am an entrepreneur and experienced software engineer living and working in Zurich, Switzerland. I hold a Master of Arts degree with distinction from the University of Middlesex, London.

Joining my passions for teaching, public speaking and building tech products, I co-founded Showzone. The venture is creating a new way of delivering in-person presentations with the help of AI.

Between 2013 and 2019, I have been contributing to the unicorn travel start-up GetYourGuide in Berlin and Zurich, where I held the position of Staff Front-End Engineer in the company’s Marketplace and Partnerships teams. Alongside my work, I have been teaching product management and advanced web application development as a Lecturer in the bachelor’s program of the SAE Institute, Zurich, from 2013 until 2022.

My passions are beautiful design and elegant tech solutions. I am adamant about providing great UX everywhere. My joys are dogs, distant travel, impromptu speeches, and space opera.