Free Stickers

Logo of the Jajuk Music Player

A couple of months ago, following a hint of a project member, I added the Jajuk logo to a sticker collection. The Free Software Sticker Book is a project that publishes icons and pictograms from FOSS projects. After downloading the sticker book, simply print out your favorite sticker and slap it onto your computer. Just like all the pesky “Built for XY” stickers the vendors give you on new machines.

The project leaves the printing up to each individual. Sadly the quality of each sticker will probably end up subpar when printed at home. I would recommend having the stickers printed professionally, there are many sites out there that offer custom stickers at a low price.

I think the sticker book is a great idea for promoting FOSS projects. It provides a low cost means for getting all the digital brands out into the real world. And what better place to promote your software brand than on the front of a notebook?