FITC Amsterdam in Hindsight

This year, I attended FITC in Amsterdam together with a Designer colleague from work. Originally dedicated to Flash, FITC has become a conference about multimedia in general. As expressed in their moto: “Design. Technology. Cool Shit.”. The conference is held around the world multiple times a year, and it runs design, development, and inspirational presentation tracks.

Having been to Adobe Max in Milan just two months earlier, and comparing the two, I think FITC was more engaging. The conference was much smaller, but I felt like it had more of a creative vibe. My colleague and I met a few people from the Netherlands and the United States, and we soon had ourselves a little group together to discuss multimedia topics and roam along the canals of Amsterdam.

I particularly enjoyed the workshop titled “Papervision3D from the Core” that I attended before the conference. Ralph Hauwert, who is a contributor to the Papervision3D open source library, gave great insights into the library’s usage. The learnings were very handy to me, having already worked with the library in the recent past, and having multiple 3D multimedia projects ongoing at work.

The quality level of the talks was really good. A few that stood out to me were:

Here are some photos from the conference:

A view of a canal in Amsterdam by day.People attending a workshop with their computersPeople attending a workshop with their computersA group of people walking in Amsterdam at nightA view of a canal in Amsterdam by night.

FITC in Amsterdam was a great learning experience and I truly enjoyed it. I’ll be back!

The FITC Amsterdam 2009 Website
Photo album on Flickr