The Forgotten Intro Video

“Stealing the show” has been the concept of my blog since I started it in late 2006. I already had the domain ( for quite some time before that, to host some multimedia projects. The first project, made during my studies at SAE Zurich, involved a song from the band Brassy with the same title — hence the name.

The original intro of my blog was to display a mediocre “show” (e.g. a street musician playing a song) — and then have somebody come in to outperform the original.

Fellow students and I made this video for my site in late 2006. The ‘bad’ guitarist is played by Andreas Dietl, the ‘good’ guitarist is played by Gabe Hill. Gabe’s performance is awesome, the tune he played is real. He shredded the guitar so hard he cut his finger and started bleeding!

The intro video was placed in the masthead of my site for a short time only. I trashed the entire site design for a more colorful version after just two months. It was a shame for the video, but the design just had to go.

Download the video.