Running AIR for Android on OSX

I got AIR for Android running in the Android emulator on OSX. Lee Brimelow has a good video tutorial on how this is done on Windows, but here are the steps I took to get in running ont he Mac:

  1. Download and install the Android SDK.
  2. Create a new Android project in Eclipse and run it using the Android Emulator.
  3. Make sure the tool named "adb" can be run from the OSX terminal by adding the path variable of the sdk to the bash profile.
  4. Sign up for the Adobe Prerelease program at Adobe Labs.
  5. Download the file named "AIR 2.5 Runtime - Emulator" from the Adobe Pre Release downloads page and install it in the terminal by calling adb install Runtime_Emulator_Froyo_20100930.apk as described in this article. I noticed that the file got a ".zip" extension after downloading it with Chrome. There is no need to unpack the ZIP file first, just remove the extension.
  6. Download and install the AIR for Android Extension for Flash CS5 from the Adobe Pre Release downloads page.
  7. Create an AIR Project from within Flash CS5 and, in the AIR Android publish settings, add the path to adb in the Android SDK tools folder.
  8. Hit publish and switch to the emulator, your app should be showing!